Existing accounts

If you have an existing account then you can still access your mail via squirrelmail, or pop3/smtp as before. Click here for the webmail interface.

Requesting a new account or reinstating an old account

Online signup to the free email service has been reluctantly disabled due to abuse.

For new accounts, please contact llama@drizzle.com or mark@npsl.co.uk if you want an account, together with a list of two or three preferred usernames (in case your first choice is not available), and the reasons why you want the account. No reasonable request will be refused.

Cleanup actions

The following actions have been taken:

If your account has accidentally been deleted then I apologise. I can restore the account (but not the mail), please contact me or deb to do so.

Spam filtering

First and foremost, be careful with your email address. Spammers typically operate robots which trawl web pages and usenet looking for email addresses. If your email address is available in a public form on a web page, or in a newsgroup post then your address will be harvested, added to a list, traded and you will receive spam. If you do add your email address to publicly visible web pages, you should obfuscate it (disguise it in a clever way, see the Address Munging FAQ for more information) in some way. Also if you do receive spam never click on an opt-out or unsubscribe link. This just confirms your email address as being read by a human, and so makes it all the more valuable to spammers.

Secondly, please do not pick an obvious username (e.g. a simple first name). Many spammers simply try addresses such as bob@busmail.org, fred@busmail.org, and so on. If your username is obscure (e.g. fecdicGen@busmail.org) then you are far less likely to be caught by this practice. Adding some random numbers to your username can help.

For all busmail users, spam filtering is available. Currently we use the following as blocking lists:

These are not aggressive blocking lists, which will mean that some spam still gets through, but very little legitimate mail is blocked. If you have a suggestion for another list, please contact mark@npsl.co.uk. If you don't know what any of the above means, then don't worry about it: it's just us trying to prevent spam on your behalf!

If you are experiencing problems with spam, please forward a copy of the spam to the address above, including the full headers. You can get the full headers from squirrelmail by clicking the "View Full Headers" link on each mail. (Without the headers, there is virtually nothing that I can do).